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The Swim Lessons Company Promise

The BEST Learn-to-Swim experience possible, GUARANTEED or your money back!

We DO NOT promise that your child will master any particular defination of swimming in a certain number of lessons.  We DO PROMISE that the learning enviroment we provide will elicit learning to swim in a progressive, but child-centered manner.  The speed of mastering any skill depends on many factors, including but not limited to: age, motor development, natural ability, practice time, and each individual's own motivation, focus, and effort applied.  

The Swim Lessons Company is committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of all our parents and children. We are so confident that our program will consistently provide you with THE BEST LEARN-TO-SWIM EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE, we back that up with our GUARANTEE.

We promise that throughout your enrollment with us, we will endeavor to meet the high standards you expect of The Swim Lessons Company. However, should anything not be to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to tell us. Just call our office and ask for Jim Reiser, the companys founder and C.E.O., who will make every effort to put things right, as you are not expected to pay for unsatisfactory service.

We call this The Swim Lessons Company Promise - a promise made by no other learn-to-swim program in South Carolina. When you choose The Swim Lessons Company, you choose a company committed to bringing you and your child A BETTER EXPERIENCE, BECAUSE ITS THE BEST!

It is required that you report any problems immediately. Any situation more than 7 days old is considered expired and ineligible for refund. In addition, if our attendance records indicate that you continued to participate in classes after a problem arose, and before calling our office, those services are determined satisfactory.